caterpillar to butterfly


Nathalie Sommer is a certified Relationship and Intimacy Coach & Transformation Coach. She specialises in the area of relationships, masculine and feminine polarity and sensual embodiment. For the last 15 years of her entrepreneurial journey, she has been working as a life coach, intuitive guide and healer, and is now using those modalities to create powerful transformations by combining them with her feminine sensual embodiment & individuals and couples transformational work. Unfortunately, society has built unrealistic idealisation on modern relationships! And we’re shaped by our upbringing, past and current experiences that challenge healthy relating with yourself and others. Therefore, there are many people who are not experiencing what they seek in life and relationships. She's made it her mission to enable individuals and couples to experience greater intimacy, deeper connections, and to feel sensually and emotionally empowered inside and outside the bedroom. She works with individuals (both singles and in relationships) and couples 1:1 and in groups online, and holds workshops and retreats internationally.

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Nina Koller-Pargätzi is the mother of four wonderful children and works as a project manager for a sports club. She is currently on her journey to become a menstrual cycle coach.Her passion belongs to menstrual cycle awarness, creativity, beautiful things like design, beauty, decoration, interior and she likes to express herself through fashion.

On her way to become a butterfly, Nina dealt very intensively with her own body and her body transformation through fitness and nutrition. She learned to combine some difficult learnings with her soft side, her femininity.

Nina's mission is to develop in all her different roles as mom, business woman, friend, daughter, wife and partner. And to pass on her learnings to all the wonderful women out there in the world. To support them in their willpower, through nutrition, training, sport and healthy lifestyle and getting to know their feminine and enjoyable side at the same time.


Based on personal life experiences, Melanie Angerer has been working intensively in the field of health and wellbeing for many years. Through her training as a health masseuse, Mel discovered the power of her touch. Another important part of her life has been her education to become a certified holistic nutritionist and being educated in movement pedagogical work.

Right now she is deepening her knowledge in eating psychology and has been educated as a Mind Body Eating Coach.

Throughout many years of working with people in different areas, Mel has developed her understanding of human emotions and their needs. By dancing and expressive movements she connects with her essence.


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