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are you ready to explore the feminine essence lying within you?

your menstrual cycle can become your secret superpower once you understand it.
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love your cycle - love yourself

ctb.menstrual cycle coaching with Nina

Do you sometimes feel like you can dance the night away, you’re ready for any adventure and you have endless energy? You glow, feel radiant & sexy? - This is because you're in your inner cyclical summer phase. Are you also familiar with the feeling, when a few days later you don't understand the wolrld anymore, everything is annoying you, you are emotional and prefer to spend your time alone? Well, that's because you're in your inner autumn phase.

In our menstrual cycle we go through 4 inner seasons - winter, spring, summer & autumn. We can compare these to the outer seasons of nature. Each one is different to the other and they are all wonderful.

Moving through our cycle can feel like a roller coaster, from exhilarating to miserable, from radiant to reclusive. If you don't know your cycle, life can be confusing and often inexplicable - with no structure and no beat. But that can be changed!

As a menstrual cycle coach I want nothing more than to share my knowledge with you. My wish is that every woman knows about the secret that lies deep within them - their menstrual cycle - their secret superpower.

I'm glad you found me!
Your cycle is your secret superpower, I‘m looking forward to awakening it with you.

With love, Nina

love your cycle - love yourself

Feeling disconnected from your cycle?
Do you have a deep calling to embrace every part of yourself?
Is nature calling you to align yourself to her cyclical rhythm and essence?
Do you hear the call to explore your feminine radiance?
Do you want to feel empowered and confident in your body's most innate wisdom?

Your menstrual cycle is calling you.

love your cycle - love yourself

1:1 coaching program & group coaching program

Together we go on a cycle journey to explore your individual cycle and bring your secret superpowers to life.

In all coaching sessions you will learn what it means to be a cyclical being, we will talk about cycle awareness, get acquainted with cycle tracking, learn about the four different phases of our cycle that women go through each month, create rituals and look at how a cyclical life can work for you and how we move & nourish ourselves through our cycle. This knowledge will help you understand yourself better and give you the opportunity to give yourself what you need in that particular cycle phase.

love your cycle - love yourself

This is for you if.....
  • you struggle with PMS, menstrual cramps and an irregular cycle or other cycle signs.

  • you want to explore menstrual cycle awareness and what it means to live in tune with your body.

  • you recently transitioned off hormonal contraception or are intending on doing so.

  • you are currently using hormonal contraception but want to explore ways to connect with your cycle nature.

  • Your menstrual cycle feels like a mystery and you are ready to discover the superpower lying in your womb.

  • you experience emotional ups and downs throughout your cycle and need support understanding these experiences.

love your cycle - love yourself

what to expect in working with me....
  • whole hearted presence for the entirety of YOU.

  • an awareness and understanding of the physical/biological, emotional, spiritual, social and energetic dimensions of the menstrual cycle.

  • an educated yet intuitive approach guided by empathy and compassion.

  • individualized coaching, support and education tailored to your unique cyclical experience and goals.

  • additional resources between coaching sessions.

  • unlimited message and voice support between coaching sessions.

love your cycle - love yourself

What you'll receive.....
  • Menstural cycle awareness

  • understanding your menstrual cycle stories

  • understanding how to cycle track

  • the 4 phases and seasons of the menstrual cycle

  • Eating & moving in alignment with the
    4 phases

  • Menstrual cycle biology

  • Biology of the yoni

  • Rituals and self-care for the season of your cycle

  • Unlocking your cycle challenges

  • Communication of your cyclical needs

  • How living a cyclical live will work for you

love your cycle - love yourselfe

Investment in you...

Time & space for you and your cycle. 

 There are different ways you can work with me, here I have listed them for you. 
Your cycle is your secret superpower - I look forward to awakening it with you.

1:1 Coaching

6-month intense Coaching

12 sessions individually tailored to you with menstrual cycle knowledge, personal guidance & support. 

Together we go on a cycle journey, identify cycle complaints & bring your hormones into balance. You get to know yourself and your body in a new way, discover the beauty within you and awaken your superpowers so that you can live your full potential.

The coaching package includes...

  • 12 x 60-75 minute coaching sessions via Zoom spread over 6 months. (every two weeks)

  • Individual support and discovering your cycle together

  • Education about the menstrual cycle

  • WhatsApp support between sessions (unlimited)

  • Via email feedback & additional information about the topic.

  • Cycle Tracker, Cycle Guide, and Journaling Pormts as download

Investment in yourself CHF 1290.-

1:1 Coaching

3 month individual Coaching

6 Sitzungen mit Zyklus Wissen im 1:1 Coaching individuell auf dich zugeschnitten, online oder persönlich. 

Gemeinsam gehen wir auf eine Zyklusreise und entdecken deinen individuellen Zyklus, und wie du die Superkräfte in dir zum leben erweckst, mehr Selbstliebe & dein volles Potential lebst...

The coaching package includes...

  • 6 x 60-75 minute coaching sessions via Zoom spread over 12 weeks (every two weeks)

  • Individual coaching and education about the menstrual cycle

  • WhatsApp support between sessions (unlimited)

  • Via email feedback & additional information about the topic

  • Cycle tracker download as well as a cycle guide.

Investment in yourself CHF 720.-

1:1 Coaching

Menstrual Cycle Consulting

90 minutes in a 1:1 coaching with me. Together we will find out where your challenges lie and how you can support yourself and your cycle, that your hormones are in balance, you have your cycle complaints and can live in harmony with you and your body.
Afterward you will receive the most important points from our conversation individually compiled for you by mail.

The coaching package includes...

  • Approx. 90 minutes cycle consultation via Zoom or in a personal conversation

  • Individual consultation

  • Followed by 7 days of WhatsApp support on your questions

  • Feedback & additional information about the topic via e-mail

  • Cycle tracker as download and a cycle guide

Investment in yourself CHF 150.-

Group Coaching

Online Group Coaching

6 sessions of cycle knowledge within 8 weeks

Together we go on a cycle journey in which we explore the wonders of the female cycle and bring your secret superpowers to life. 

Dates : (February to April) (May to July) (August - October) on demand

The coaching package includes...

  • 6 x 60-75 minute coaching sessions via Zoom spread over 8 weeks

  • Education about the menstrual cycle & sharings

  • Recording of sessions delivered via email

  • WhatsApp support between sessions

  • Cycle tracker as download as well as a cycle guide

Investement in you CHF 342.- per person
Schedule on demand

 * the coaching can also be booked as a closed group. Min. 4 TN per course, more are welcome.

Group Coaching

Monthly cycle circle

online and by request be reminded of the wonder within us and stay connected with our menstrual cycle. 

Space & time for you and your cycle.

Once a month we meet for a menstrual cycle gatering. For each session I prepare a topic, you are allowed to ask questions, share your own cycle story in the group or just listen to all the stories other women share with us.

From 3 participants 

Investment in you CHF 15.- each session
schedule on demand

Menstrual cycle coach

About me

I‘m a proud mom of four wonderful kids. The role of being a mum makes me deal with daily challenges, which I try to manage with my organizational talents, my patience, my ability for multitasking, and being in a loving way. In the best case, not forgetting myself and my needs as a woman. It’s very easy for us women to neglect ourselves - but we shouldn‘t forget how important we are to ourselves and our loved ones. That’s why it’s so important we don’t neglect our innermost needs.

I also had to learn, to be true to myself and allow myself to enjoy some ‚me‘ time. Today, I’m finally able to bloom all different roles in life - as a mother, as a project leader in marketing & events, as a partner, friend, and student in the field of women‘s health. I love the different flavors life has to offer and I try to live it to the fullest - every day. My passion lies in the topics of femininity, sexuality, body transformation, and nutrition and I love to express myself through fashion. It’s always been a part of my life.

As a teenager, I didn’t really feel comfortable in my body. I thought I would need to conform to perfection, it’s also what I‘ve been taught. After giving birth to my fourth child, I started strength training excessively, as well as following a disciplined eating plan. I felt I was being successful in being determined and disciplined. It was the most important thing to me, as well as being a super mom and the perfect employee. What happened is, along the way, I lost the connection to my femininity. It became too much stressful for my body and as a consequence, my whole hormone system collapsed. My monthly bleeding stopped and my training routine became stagnated. Anger, frustration, and desperation became the result. I knew something needed to change. That‘s when my inner self-development journey started.

I started working with the wonderful Nathalie Sommer, I explored my femininity again and new doors opened! I started to claim my feminine power again. This leads me to want to go deeper and learn more about how to balance my hormone system. I wanted to get to know my feminine essence - my cycle.  That‘s how I started The journey of becoming a menstrual cycle coach and it’s now my wish to share this wisdom with you. To explore with you your femininity and to help you connect with your essence. You will learn to understand, the deeper parts that make you the powerful woman you are and how the wisdom about your cycle can support you in daily life.

On this journey with me, you will receive important information about your cycle and together we will explore, how a cyclical lifestyle can work for you. You’ll learn how to feel comfortable in your body and get to know yourself in a new way, so you‘re able to understand your emotions and feelings. When you understand what your body needs in all the different seasons of your cycle - magic can happen.

With my history and my knowledge, I am able to help with cycle troubles like cramps, pain, or mood swings. I love listening to my client‘s stories and seeing the potential in them, which they might not see themselves yet. It is my passion to share my wisdom with you and other women, so they can enjoy a new relationship with themselves. I was on this journey too and now I know what it means to truly understand myself to live in my feminine essence to the fullest.

What others say about me....

From beginning to the end, it seemed like all makes sense - every single session as well as the program as a whole has been a cycle itself. I got asked about my personal goals, about my personal story in the beginning and Nina managed to take this on our journey until the end. This made it very personal. The coaching has been built up to understand step by step, there has been the right amount of time and space to integrate and to grow within. The way the program has been set up I felt it‘s been a very healthy balance of knowledge/theory and practical information as well as could my own individual topics been covered. I thought I knew what it means to be a woman and to be with my own cycle but actually I haven‘t truly. Nina helped me to understand on a deeper level and I am very grateful to being able to integrate that all now in my daily life. During the whole time I felt very supported and coached on a very personal level. Nina kept on reminding me about the journey, whenever needed. I could feel her fire on this topic and how she actually lives it herself - I appreciated her authentic way of being. You could feel her passion about the topic and how much she wants to support women on their individual journey. For the last session I asked her to talk about a certain topic and she was so open to do so and fully dived into it - in a very professional way. Thank you Nina! I enjoyed a lot, every single session.

January-2022 / mel

Thank you Nina for the amazing support and insights I received during our 6 week menstrual awareness journey. I can wholeheartedly say, it’s completely changed my relationship to my body (in a positive way). I loved how we covered everything from cyclical living, having a healthy relationship with my cycle, cycle tracking, food and exercise to go with my cycle and beautiful rituals. I’ve learned so much! And most importantly I have a deeper and more beautiful connection with my menstrual cycle and my body. You’ve taught me to truly listen to my body. I feel so much more in tune with my needs. We truly should all gift ourselves this knowledge and connection to our menstrual cycle. Why have I not learned this sooner?!

Nina, you’re gifting something truly beautiful (and needed) to all women. Plus, your caring and calm being and all your knowledge, made it feel very safe to receive support on such an intimate topic. Thank, you thank, you thank you.

January-2022 / Nathalie


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