caterpillar to butterfly

Butterflies come in all different species, in all colors, in all kinds of shapes and forms and we can find them all over the globe. Find support in your individual being, color, form and cycle you're at in life - and in whatever direction you choose to fly.


a journey to learn, grow and discover yourself

We - Nathalie, Nina and Mel - are here to support and guide you in your own development cycle. In this safe space, we share our knowledge and learnings on the subject of what it means to be a woman. We are here to accompany you in the everyday ‘up & downs’, to give you the support you need through life, for you to shine in your truest colours.

    who is this for?

    for young women who are on a journey to develop themselves together with others, and who are ready to grow and discover their own uniqueness. This is for you if you’re ready to spread your wings and start your journey through the different seasons of being a woman.

    Women who want to be reminded of the beauty of their unique wings. Who want to fly through beautiful valleys, discovering their authentic being through the different seasons of life and rediscover themselves fully. In connection with themselves or with their daughter.

    treat yourself with a free embodiment practice

    Immerse yourself in this movement practice guided by Mel.

    Follow Mel’s movement in your individual way and experience the following:

    - from head into your body
    - communication with your own instrument, your body
    - deep appreciation for your body, your temple
    - connection to your feminine essence and power
    - sense of calm and authentic aliveness

    Enjoy connecting to your body and being.

    we develop on the following levels

    sexuality & sensuality , relationship with yourself, relationships with others (partner, family, friends, environment), connection to your womb space

    embodiment (movement), menstruation, fertility, body image/body love, nutrition

    Feminine Leadership
    creativity, confidence, emotional wellbeing, inner power

    our mission.our story

    We came together because we felt the desire to support women on their journey of womanhood. Having walked our own difficult path from caterpillar to butterfly, it wasn’t easy for either of us, dealing with insecurities, body image issues, heart ache and low self confidence. Looking back we wish we had received some tools and resources to support us, particularly in our caterpillar years of early adulthood. It wasn’t until later in life, through life experiences and seeking mentorship, we learned the true meaning of what it means to be a butterfly. That's when we learned what it means to spread our wings and fly high.

    Let’s be honest, becoming and being a woman living in today’s world isn’t always all sunshine and rainbows.

    A space to learn what it means to be a woman moving from caterpillar to butterfly - no matter what stage in life - and to feel safe and confident to do so...

    Just like in Mel's, Nina's and Nathalie's experience, we often don’t start our butterfly phase until a later stage in life. For many, there comes a point where we’re done feeling numb and we no longer want to feel stuck in our obstacles - that’s when we seek support. Often we don’t even know where to start or where to look.

    But it doesn’t have to be this way! We can start the journey now. That's why we made it our mission to offer a space where women can come, to unfold their wings and shine in their true colors as butterflies.


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